Get your automotive business online today with no coding or site design required.

We build websites for professionals in the automotive industry by taking the details of your auto shop and providing you with a live site in return!


No coding, IT knowledge or even hosting required - we do the technical bits.

No more learning the nuances of site building tools - we apply best-practice design.

No more time spent maintaining your site or even remembering logins - we apply any updates you have.


Check out our example site:

For just $50 per month you get:

A simple domain that is available, such as

Your site hosted (yes, stored in the 'cloud'!)

A live website to a standard design, with the details needed to advertise your business

Included support to change information on the site at any stage (such as pricing updates)

Try for free for 30 days


Frequently Asked Questions

Ehm, how much does it cost again?

$50 per month including all taxes and charges, which equates to $600 per year.

I have my own domain, can I use that?

We provide you with a simple domain name to start. If you don't like it, you can connect up your own by redirecting from your own to the domain we provide, its as simple as that!

We are shy, and we don't have any photos of our premises. Can we just use stock photos?

Photos of people shows visitors that you are real, and showing them your working conditions provides a credibility to your customers that is otherwise difficult to achieve. Also, it helps target towards the 'right' customers, as if they like what they see they are more willing to buy. 

Do I own my website?

You own the content on your site, and so you can change or remove this at any time. We are providing the hosting and website as a service, so should you cancel your contract the hosting or website will no longer be provided. We understand, however, that domains are unique to your business so should you cancel your contract we can transfer the domain to you at a standard charge of $120.

How will I know how well my site is doing?

Once we provide you with a site and a domain, you can check it at any time. We will also provide quarterly reports on site visitors. 

What about Security?

Your site is in the same place as ours so we apply the same standards. We use 'SSL' at a minimum so your site will always be a 'https' site and we will work to ensure your site is not 'hacked'. If you notice anything wrong, let us know.

What if my site goes down?

Let us know if you experience any problems. You website is in the same place as ours so we will sort out any problems as quick as we can!

I have had your site for a while now and I want to upgrade it to have some new features.

Our intention is to get companies online as fast as possible with standardised services. If you feel that you are 'outgrowing' your site, congratulations! Contact us with what you need, and we can quote for upgrades.

What about SEO?

For a simple landing page for your business, we do simple search engine optimisation. Over time and with use by visitors your site will appear in specific searches for your business, but if you want to get higher search rankings, consider google adwords. Contact us if you have any specific needs.


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